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Redacteur en Tekstschrijver Daan Ruijter in actie

I started writing being a child. At the age of 2,5 I got behind a precursor of the modern computer, a Texas Instruments, to put my first little words on the digital screen. When I got older, I kept writing, especially diaries.

Upcoming web developer, editor and text writer Daan Ruijter

After attending college at the Zaanlands Lyceum in Zaandam I decided to study general economics at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. In 2007 I got my master's degree. I came to know that also profession wise I wanted to write, so I started a master's degree in journalism at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. For this study I graduated in 2011. The study was pretty theoretical and therefore I wanted to get more experience as a journalist. Among others on the marketing and communication department of BaanStede, at Ajaxshowtime.com and Rodi Media I learned the finer points of the editor profession. I worked here several years as an editor and text writer and the job gave me the opportunity to do many rewarding interviews.

Unfortunately the write and editorial market is in decline. This made me think about my future. I was looking for a promising branche in which I could keep developing myself within a creative profession. A branche in which I can also make use of my knowledge of foreign languages. The IT sector meets al those features, so that I'm currently studying hard to launch my career in web development.

First book

Shortly after finishing my study in journalism I got an interesting assignment. I had the opportunity to write a book about Camping de Duinvoet in holiday village Schoorl, which I visited frequently during my youth. I got to know the owners Hans and Ria at that time. They ran the campsite for many years, but as always all good things come to an end and they sold their company in 2011. At the farewell party on the campsite Hans asked me whether I'd like to write a book about Camping de Duinvoet. It didn't take me a long time to decide what I should do. I started enthusiastically and in march 2014 I published the book. During his 70th birthday Hans gave a very nice speech, officially presenting the book.

Introduction video

Below you can find an introduction video of myself. Be sure to speak Dutch...

I created this website on my own and from zero, with some help and hosting by web developer Chris Verra.