Name: Daan Laurentius Ruijter
Address: Polanenstraat 267
Postal code: 1013 VV
Residence: Amsterdam
Place of birth: Zaandam
Date of birth: 01-12-1984
Nationality: Dutch
Marital status: Unmarried
Telephone: 06-15178860


2008-2011 Master of journalism at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam
Master thesis: ‘But just answer the question…!’ -a conversation analytical study concerning question evasion tactics of the Dutch Minister-Presidents Ruud Lubbers, Wim Kok, Jan-Peter Balkenende and Mark Rutte
2005-2007 Master of economics at the Universiteit van Amsterdam.
With master courses microeconomics and public economics
Master thesis: ‘Is the United Kingdom ready to introduce the Euro?’
2002-2005 Bachelor of economics at the Universiteit van Amsterdam
Bachelor thesis: ‘What made it possible that China’s economy grew so rapidly over the last decades?’
1996-2002 Gymnasium with Latin en Greek at Het Zaanlands Lyceum

Hoge gebouwen symboliseren hoge economische groei in China, het onderwerp van de bachelorscriptie 'China's economische groei' van Daan Ruijter

Bachelor thesis economics

Daan Ruijter haalt zijn masterbul op, enkele maanden nadat hij zijn masterscriptie 'Is het Verenigd Koninkrijk klaar om de Euro te introduceren' heeft voltooid

Master thesis economics

Voorkant van de Masterscriptie Journalistiek 'Beantwoordt u nu toch eens de vraag' van Daan Ruijter

Master thesis journalism


12/2019-03/2020 (expected) Full Stack Javascript (MERN) web development study with Ubiqum Academy Amsterdam
06/2019-present Self study in html, css en JavaScript through:

  • online resources like Code Academy and Scrimba;
  • updating my website;
  • creating a birthday invitation as a webpage through the database Firebase with properly working input form, see here
  • studying a part of the book ‘Eloquent JavaScript’ from Marijn Haverbeke;
  • thouroughly studying the book ‘JavaScript’ from Peter Kassenaar.
07/2015-08/2015 Online courses in JavaScript through Khan Academy
01/2015 + 04/2015 Creating my own website with html and css
01/2015 Online courses in html, css through Khan Academy

Work experience

Rodi Media, Purmerend
05/2015-06/2019 Editor of various local newspapers, currently among others Zaanstreek op Zondag and Zaans Stadsblad
Executing the concept ‘On the Rodi’ at flexible workspaces with a colleague, working in the ‘news region’ to come in contact with the locals;
Editing and writing different local news articles, also for the Rodi web site;
Having (on phone) interviews for writing cover and commercial articles/advertorials;
Actualising social media channels;
Accompanying a trainee;
Publishing a local sports paper;
02/2015-04/2015 Editor Purmerend op Zondag and Purmerends Nieuwsblad
09/2013-09/2014 Editor
The work was as described above

N.B. First year internship, aferwards employed
12/2014-present InDutch, Amsterdam
Tutor/language coach
Practicing the Dutch language with expats, immigrants, students and tourists during different types of practice sessions, for example in a cafe;
Developing a special session: ‘Met Daan naar de Zaan’:
Practicing Dutch during a visit to the Zaanse Schans (Zaandam)

Daan Ruijter neemt expats, studenten, toeristen en immigranten mee naar de Zaanse Schans voor een sessie Nederlands

01/2014-09/2015, Sassenheim
Web editor (voluntary)
Writing different (match) news articles about national and international tennis as a web editor for the Dutch web site
12/2012-04/2013 Valkering Media, Amsterdam
Internship as an editor at Valkering Media for its web site Ajax Showtime
(Re)writing articles about Ajax and soccer in general and publishing them on the web site with the content management system
07/2012-11/2012 Internet company, Purmerend, Purmerend
Internship marketing department
Setting up a media plan for User with the goal to create more visibility for the company
05/2012-04/2013 Hilton Meats, Zaandam
Project assistant
Making protocols and working instructions concerning safety and ‘ARBO’ (working conditions);
Making a scenario for the Hilton Safety Film for new personnel;
Checking manuals and protocols on content and language errors;
Processing data with the database-/data processing program Ultimo;
Advising colleagues about their theses for their ‘Middelbaar Veiligheidskundige’ (a safety class) course and editing those theses
03/2012-05/2012 BaanStede, Purmerend
Internship marketing & communication department
Activities concerning communication and marketing at BaanStede:
Editing the new website (correcting textual, language and layout errors, finding dead links and looking for missing content);
Making a plan for a continuous delivery of (missing) content;
Making a plan to reclassify and improve the intranet environment;
Writing an instruction for the project ‘Alfacheque’ (help in housekeeping);
Doing interviews and writing articles for the internal magazine BaanStedeling;
With the team and the external internet company assisting in setting up Social Media for BaanStede
11/2011-03/2014 Camping de Duinvoet, Schoorl
Writing a book about Camping de Duinvoet, a small campsite in the foothills of the Schoorl dunes
Click on the book to see its Facebook-page and on the video to watch the book presentation (in Dutch, sorry!)

Daan Ruijter schreef een boek over Camping de Duinvoet

06/2009-07/2009 Hilton Meats, Zaandam
Translate machine protocols from Dutch to English
09/2007-03/2008 Sandd, Wormerveer
Carrying mail
06/2006-07/2006 Tandt Soccer, Loveland, Ohio, VS
Assisting with soccer clinics for children in the age of 6-14
02/2002-12/2002 Kaasboerderij Catharinahoeve, Zaandijk
Working the register;
Restocking the shelves


Language courses

08/2009 Spanish course in Barcelona, B1 level at CaminoBarcelona (2 weeks);
09/2010-06/2011 Italian course A2 level at Studiolingua, Amsterdam;
09/2011-06/2012 Italian course B1 level at Studiolingua, Amsterdam;
01/2012-02/2012 Italian translation course at Studiolingua, Amsterdam;
09/2012-06-2013 Italian course B1+ level at Studiolingua, Amsterdam;
09/2013-04/2014 Italian course B2 level at Studiolingua, Amsterdam;
09/2014-03/2015 Italian course B2+ level at Studiolingua, Amsterdam;
09/2015-03/2016 Italian course C1 level at Studiolingua, Amsterdam;
11/2016 Spanish course in Valencia, B1 and B2 level at Costa de Valencia (2 weeks);
10/2017-11/2017 Spanish course in Málaga, B2 level at Cile (3 weeks);
11/2018 Spanish course in Málaga, B2 level at Instituto Picasso (3 weken)

Other (journalistic) activities

08/2007-06/2008 Editor of the club magazine at Tennis Club de Balk, Zaandam;
10/2009-01/2010 Every two weeks active as an editor/interviewer with the sports program Saensport Life from the local broadcasterZaanradio (Zaandam & region);
04/2012-12/2013 Writing different articles and news items about the sport of tennis for the web sites of Tennisplanet;
01/2014-present Active as an editor for the ‘Zaanse’ futsal clubFCZSW(among other things publishing a club magazine) and the ‘Zaanse’ Tennis ClubDe Gouw
10/2014-present Editing of master theses
01/2017-04/2017 Course in Literaire non fiction with the writer Judith Koelemeijer
05/2017 Course 'Zelf geschiedenis schrijven Gemeentearchief Zaanstad' (writing about history at the community archive) with Mirjam Janssen
05/2017 Course in photography at Speer Fotografie Amsterdam with Peter van der Meer

Computer knowledge

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, the video editing program Adobe Premiere Pro and different content management systems.


Volunteer work: in anticipation of the council elections in 2006 I’ve participated in the “Working Group Quality of Lives in Quarters” for Groenlinks Zaanstad, the regional department of this political party. Goal of the working group was to come into contact with the citizen in order to notive problems in quarters in Zaanstad and to report them to the council.


Tennis, soccer, table tennis and (ball) sports in general, writing, language (as of june 2015 frequent visitor of Amsterdam Language Cafe), programming, photographing, music, travelling, politics, economics, news & actualities and nature